Missed you all

Hey everyone it’s cherry blossom here. Sorry I haven’t written in forever, I didn’t have much access to the internet. Not much has changed. I still think about Johnny all the time. But he has been writing on a regular basis at least. I just wish he wanted more than to see me naked. Oh well , I have an awesome boyfriend who lived with me and that’s all I need to really make me happy. Trying to get a divorce and my husband Is trying to get attention saying he’s gonna end his life. Yeah I’m not falling for that shit. I hope to be writing more but I’m not sure yet. Miss you all though. Feel free to comment and share!!            
         -Cherry Blossom-

Long time, no talk

It’s been a long time since i’ve posted on here but i’m giving myself an excuse that I’m in my last semester of college and have been super busy lately. I also miss my bestie cherryblossom. Right now I am writing on here in lieu of being productive and actually doing my homework. Also sitting here with my boyfriend who i’ve been with for a little over a year now so life is going pretty good. Between Skyrim and homework though life has been pretty busy and also panicking about what i’m going to do after graduation without actually doing anything about it and my future. Hope everyone else is doing good. Leave comments!! Thanks!



I am just so exhausted lately, yet I still have a hard time sleeping. I think I need a vacation. So how is everyone out there in wordpress land doing? I’ve met a couple of interesting guys and I really hope I can find someone to love. Because all I really want is to be in love and have someone who loves me. I know that I’m not really the one night stand type of girl, though I have had my fair share. But I guess that’s what everyone wants, someone who cares about them.

-Cherry Blossom-