I am just so exhausted lately, yet I still have a hard time sleeping. I think I need a vacation. So how is everyone out there in wordpress land doing? I’ve met a couple of interesting guys and I really hope I can find someone to love. Because all I really want is to be in love and have someone who loves me. I know that I’m not really the one night stand type of girl, though I have had my fair share. But I guess that’s what everyone wants, someone who cares about them.

-Cherry Blossom-


Hey everyone!! Sorry its been so long. I’ve been so busy. I don’t have much internet time anymore so its hard for me to post. I had yet another two week relationship. He broke up with me and yes I’m sad but I’m a lot better off than my previous one. I’m sure one day I will find someone who will love me and not break my heart. Wow! I have been so busy with work and such, and then when I’m not busy, I cant get on the internet so I cant update anyone. But I will try harder. Maybe sneak in an update while I’m at work where there is Wi-Fi I can use. I hope everyone is doing well!!! This is going to be a short one. I will write later Bye

-Cherry Blossom-

Please take me anywhere but here…

Hey everyone. I am so bored right now. I finally have my own place but its rather lonely. I have no tv and no internet connection. I’m stealing someone’s internet right now but I can only do so for an hour a day. Someone tried to break into my apartment the other day and ever since then I’ve been a little scared.

I’m still upset about my relationship ending, though I am doing much better. I just cant believe he turned out to be that way. I never asked for him to settle down with me, that’s what he wanted, not me. I guess I just don’t understand men. I just wish I would have known because I wouldn’t have wasted my time on him. Also my husband keeps trying to get back with me, but I know its for the best not to be with him. We hardly ever get along. And he had sex with my friend just to hurt me, so he’s not what I need. I wish I could find someone who thought I was beautiful and did all the things my recent ex did but actually meaning them.

I guess everything will happen for me one of these days. But at least I have you guys!! Thanks for being there for me when I need all of you most.

-Cherry Blossom-

Goodbye Relationship

So my new relationship is over. All he really said was that he wasn’t ready to settle down. I never even asked him to settle down. And then when I feel hurt he says that it was only a two week relationship. But he’s the one who told me he loved me first. He always said I won’t leave you or hurt you. But he lied. I guess I should be used to it by now.

-Cherry Blossom-

Another Sex Post

So basically I wanted to take a minute to thank my new boyfriend for the best sex of my life. Haha. He wont actually be reading this but thank you new boyfriend, thank you a lot! You actually cared about how I felt during sex and for that I will be forever grateful and turned on. A lot! Every time I have sex now its like pure heaven. So not only am I extremely happy emotionally, but i’m also satisfied sexually. Could this new year get off to a better start? I think not. I am soo soo happy! I know I like to write about sex once in awhile so this would be another one. Sex rules!! YAY!

-Cherry Blossom-


I am not quite sure what to talk about today. I worked and my boyfriend and I are doing well together. I go back to school in about two weeks and I’m trying to find a good job but mostly I have been mentally and physically exhausted recently and just want a break from everything. this is going to be short because I am quite tired tonight and just want to get some rest but it’s been a while since I have posted anything and thought that I should check in. I hope all of our wonderful readers are doing good and that you all had a wonderful new years. Anyone have any interesting new years resolutions you’d like to tell us about? Put them in the comments! Thanks and will talk more soon!