Short and Sweet

Hey everyone. Boy, I’ve been busy with working and changing rooms at my house. And I am officially exhausted. At this point I’m missing my friends. I don’t get to see them very often anymore but hopefully soon. I guess I’m becoming more of a hermit lately but I’m okay with that. Bah anyway it’s really time to go to bed. Love you all. Night.

-Cherry Blossom-

My rant

Daffodil here, hey everyone I’m so angry I have been blacking out a lot and being dizzy and whacking my head on walls, the doctors sent me to a specialist and the specialist did nothing. They say it’s something and hand me medicine to take, I am sick and tired of taking medicine that don’t work, the medicine makes me tired and not able to do much.the dizziness is so scary I could fall down stairs etc, I just want answers, how hard is it for answers, there’s my rant for the day, doctors suck. The end , bye

Random bits about My Life

Hey everyone! So it finally happened. I like someone NEW. I know it’s crazy. He’s a pretty sweet guy and I think he likes me too. I don’t know if we will ever end up together but we shall see where it goes. I am happy though, which is a very rare thing for me.

On a different note, I’m very annoyed. I have to walk to work and it’s cold out today. Well I go to people’s houses and help them. Well I walked to my client’s house today, in the cold, and she wasn’t even there. So basically I walked In the cold for nothing. Grrr.

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-Cherry Blossom-


Okay..daffodil here again, I just want to post another thing, I am so hurt seeing people that don’t deserve to be parents get the chance to be parents, there is so many people struggling to get pregnant. Including me and some of my friends, some of us have infertility issues, it’s hard on holidays, it’s hard getting invited to baby showers,etc, it just upsets me how some people that don’t deserve to be parents get blessed, don’t get me wrong some people do deserve to be parents but some do not. Thanks for listening. Praying for the ones that are suffering.