Update of My Life

I’m not exactly sure what to say right now. My heart is so confused about everything possible. Still think about Johnny once in awhile, my husband wants me back, and I have feelings for another man too. It seems like I’m just tangling myself into this horrible little web of confusion. And I have a feeling the only person who is going to get hurt is me. I think I’m just making my life even worse than ever before. Could life get any worse? The answer is yes. Recently some lying skank lied about mine and Poinsettia’s mutual friend. And since he was on parole he’s back in jail. Ugh this all sucks so bad. He’s also one of the people I have feelings for, so yeah. Life sucks a lot right now.

-Cherry Blossom-


Have you ever known people who were so fake that they just lied about everything? Yeah, I think we all know at least one of these people. Its like the thought never crosses their mind to tell the truth. Well I am about as sick of this type of behavior as I can get. What ever happened to honesty? You know telling the truth?…I hate liars and I cant stand them. And the worst part is they think everyone believes them (maybe some do) but a lot of people know they’re actually lying. So tell the truth for once in your life, you lying sack of crap.

-Cherry Blossom-


Had a great day at work today. Found out I can get covered with insurance there and got some awesome compliments. Two weeks and two days until I go back to school. Excited. XD. Three days off so hopefully some relaxation. Gonna try to finish reading the chronicles of Narnia. Love you guys.

Friends or Not?

So I did have a post about my divorce, but since it got deleted by accident, I want to talk about something else.

I always wonder what my friends think about me. I know the things they say to me. But I wonder if they actually like being my friend or if they really cant stand me. Don’t get me wrong I love my friends but sometimes the things they write me, like constant short answers. It makes me feel like they don’t actually care enough to have a real conversation with me. I hope that they all do actually like me. I would cry if they’ve all been lying to me for all this time. I love my friends, yes they do annoy me constantly, but I mostly enjoy their company. But I cant help but wonder…

-Cherry Blossom-